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Please be patient with us  .  .  .

This web site is still under construction.  Unfortunately, we have neither a staff nor a budget, so these things take time.

If you are interested in a particular issue or legal question, please visit the contact page for information on how to reach us.  Thank you!

Outreach Events  .  .  .

This page will list opportunities to meet an attorney in the community.  We recognize that many of the unhoused will not have ready access to phones and computers, so we are working to set up other venues for making contact.  If you would like to suggest times and/or locations, please visit the contact page.

Please Note:  This web site is an announcement of pro bono (free) attorney services for the unhoused (homeless).  Viewing or use of this web site does not create an attorney-client relationship between the viewer/user and the attorney.  Additionally, the content of this web site is for informational purposes only.  Nothing on this web site should be considered to be legal advice, and any information provided about prior cases does not warranty, guarantee or predict a similar result in your case.  The offer of a free consultation or free representation does not constitute a promise or a contract, and is dependent on attorney availability and the specifics of your case.  Clients seeking free representation may be asked to provide documentation of their housing status or level of income.  Contact an attorney if you have any questions.  Art and design work on this web site is the copyright property of Homeless Criminal Defense, all rights reserved (2013).

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